CRM Consultation and implementation

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Achieve your targets

Implement sales and service best practices across your organization

  • Sales and service team stay on track with role specific business processes
  • Best practices are built into the system, which helps a guided sales and service experience
  • You will be able to measure outcome and ensure consistant performance, while helping you easily adapt to changes when required

Establish prime business concerns

Helps you identify valuable customers and opportunities

Helps you prioritize opportunities and gives greater control by making informed decisions.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps your team to focus on the most promising leads by presenting the data in a easily understabdable way.
  • You can track most valuable customers and helps you identify sales oppurtunities, with a rich interactive dashboard
  • Helps you identify add-on service opportunities with your current customers and there by increase revenue through their activity history

Presents a complete customer profile

You can involve in a more productive and engaging user interactions with your customers and prospects using the presented information
  • Since both internal and exteranl data are available you will get a complete picture of customer
  • All customer data can be shared across a team which ensures your team knows the latest information about customer interactions including buying, service request, and communications history
  • CRM provides customer intelligence and helps you anticipate their requirements beforehand

Be proactive reach out to customers through inbuilt communication features of CRM

CRM helps you stay connected with your customers helps you create loyalty and identify opportunities
  • Microsoft CRM online provides easy communication channels to customers through built in email, IM, phone, video etc from CRM itself
  • Since all communication options are inbuilt, you dont have to switch between applications and loose track of communication
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Technology Solutions

Agile Iteration, software development process followed by ITRCAre you aware of modern development strategies that can cut short your enterprise application costs? Can you contemplate the agile development methodology that has transformed the software development business for good, making clients and business manager equally happy. Is your development partner slow to client request? Micro services architecture is revolutionizing enterprise software development with its faster , fine grained scalability and cheaper solutions, Are you using it?.Is your development partner harnessing goodness of convergence era porting solution to handheld devices and desktops at same time? Are you happy with technical support teams? If you have a no in your answer to the above questions you need to give us a chance to prove our solutions worthiness.

ITRC is your valuable recruitment partner when it comes to IT sector. with many years of experience we have the ability to know the pulse of industry, market and resource. We can help you build best of breed teams by recruiting best talents and fill in talent gaps.

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reponsive website design and development using HTML5 CSS3 AngularJS PHP Mysql Wordpress etc

Web Application Design & Development

We provide most cost effective web site and hosting solutions starting from 15000 INR. This includes site, web space, domain, email and all basic features. Additional services we provide under this category includes PHP /PHP slim based solutions,shopping carts, payment gateway integration etc. We provide you HTML5 and css3 based solutions. Send a an email to case of any concerns.See More..

Enterprise Solutions

We provide high availability, highly scalable cloud based enterprise solutions based on micro service architecture, SOA and BPM orchestration. Which are capable of multimode Business to business (B2B), Business to client (B2C) at same time following your business process. We guarantee future proof solutions small screen capable solutions with SSO. It means that our applications are portable to hand-helds like mobiles and tablets.

state of art enterprise solutions using Java, J2ee, Oracle, Jboss, Sieminder, Autosys, DWH, JBPM, Mysql, Postgresql, MSSQL, DB2
Mobile development for Java, Cordova for IOS, Android, Microsoft Platforms

Mobile Application Development

We specialise in mobile solutions using java and python, Java and python helps us to deliver highly portable solution which spans multiple vendors devices like Samsung galaxy ,apple iphone itab ,nokia lumia, sony xperia etc and a host of gps solutions. Advantages of python in mobile is fast prototyping, which helps you build simple applications in minutes rather than days. Competitive 20 USD hourly rate.

Convergence Solutions

We offer portable solutions that runs/renders equally well in different type of divices including hand-helds, portables, desktops and TVs. which means write once run anywhere solutions. which are true for all modern devices which supports modern web browsers.In the case of existing solution we may need analysis of application server for feasibility. Your existing tag libraries may need an upgrade or rewritten in most cases.

convergence solutions, which bring together a host of platform including embebed, mobile, server, cloud , GPS, satelite,IOT etc

Project Consultation and Review

We provide specialised services in 3rd party Project consultation and review which help our clients to have more controlled results they desire. Our services are helpful in any of the following situation.

  1. Client dissatisfaction
  2. Time-line and resource issues
  3. Requirement issues
  4. Profitability/Margin issues
  5. Risk Mitigation issues

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Supported technologies

supported technologies :java, php, spring,struts,hibernate grails, cloud foundry,spring boot,html5,css3,jbpm,tomcat,jboss,Mysql,Postgresql,oracle,Mssql,Jbpm,Angularjs, bootstrap,Jquery,apache,f3,slim,joomla,python, hadoop,raspberry pi

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